'Devil Worshipping' Gangsters Drinking Blood For Protection

The gangsters now holding sway in Montego Bay, St James, are said to be self-professed devil-worshippers, who engage in blood sacrifices and highlight their satanic allegiance by tattooing demonic-symbols on their bodies.

"Dem bwoy yah a straight devil worshipper," a former gangster, who wants nothing to do with the New Age gangsters, told the WESTERN STAR. "Mi all hear seh dem a mix blood with rum and drink as a sacrifice to Satan."

According to reports, gangsters like Cedric 'Doggy' Murray, who was a top enforcer with the once-notorious Stone Crusher gang, never left home without a New Testament Bible in either his back pocket or his rifle butt.

In his diary, which was confiscated by the police after he was killed in an alleged shootout in Manchester, Murray described himself as a God-fearing man who regularly read his Bible, especially the Psalms, in search of divine protection.

The blood sacrifice and devil worship which the current gangsters have embraced, appears to be a spin-off from the illicit lottery scam, as scammers were known to drink blood and take ritual baths from obeah women.

"They are drinking blood ... our young people are now drinking blood, literally!" Pastor Knollis King of the Rose Heights Full Gospel Church, told a Gleaner Editors' Forum in 2015, in reference to the scammers-turn-gangsters. "They slaughtered goats and chickens, and drink the blood as a form of demonic ritual."

Last week, the evidence of demon worship surfaced when 21-year-old Daniel 'Dan Dan' Whittaker, the leader of the notorious G-City Gang, was killed by the police. He reportedly had '666', the biblical sign for the mark of the beast, tattooed on his body.

Protection ring being sold on social media

"Dem not hiding dem devil worshipping," a man familiar with the gang told the WESTERN STAR. "Dem slang is, 'Sixes real' ... dem have it in dem songs and them use it on dem Facebook pages ... dem not hiding it."

A policeman, who admitted to knowing about the demon worshipping among the gangsters, says it's most sickening, particularly their penchant for violence, especially murders.

"It is something I don't like to talk about because it sicks my stomach ... These youngster are like zombies ... . They kill without reasons and they are the ones with the rifles," said the policeman.

"Many schoolchildren are affiliated to this gang and if you look on their Facebook accounts, they are calling themselves 'killy killy,' which means they are either killers or wannabee killers."



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