I am 20-Y-O And Not Sure Who My `Supportive` Baby-daddy Is

I deeply need your advice and I hope you will respond to me quickly. I am 20 years old and I have a six-month-old baby.

I was having secks with two different guys, and both of them i can depend on to give me money. I know what I did was completely wrong but my struggles in life is a seperate column to this story.

These guys both know each other and both know that I loved them dearly, what they did not know was that i am having secks with both of them.

One would always laugh at the other when we met and were having sex. His lines were: "Poor boy! He can't get what I am getting," ... I could not say a word.

When I got pregnant, I had just guessed which one of them was the father. I don't know what I  was thinking neither would do if I have made a mistake.

It wouldn't be easy for me to talk the truth because I depend on both of them financially and I don't want that money flow to stop.

One has his own business and his business is doing very well. His sister and I are good friends. I didn't name him as the father because whenever we were having secks and he felt like he was about to ejaculate, he would pull off his withdraw method.

I know he didn't want to get me pregnant. The other guy didn't seem to care. He is the complete opposite and would discharged and leave his thing inside.

Too bad, I decided to name him as the father. My friends told me that a man can get a woman pregnant even if he uses his so-called withdrawal method.

Both of these guys are of brown complexion aswel as the baby but it is a little too soon to figure out who the father really is base on appearance.

I am getting very nervous of the whole situation.

Please give me your advice.



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