Lesbian Series Show 'She Like Girlz' Coming to Jamaica

A Jamaican video director is making a bold step in creating a web series that is centred around a group of lesbians in a country where the lifestyle is considered taboo.

Titled She Like Girlz, the creator, Darien Brown, said he expects the series, which is set to premiere on its website and on YouTube later this month, to be controversial.

"This genre of film is a first for Jamaica and is set to turn heads. The film features some raunchy scenes and sometimes the love scenes are unstimulated," he stated.

And, despite not getting criticism for a few trailers that he has released so far, he foresees that persons would start voicing their disapproval once the eight, 12-minute episodes begin.

Brown, who has directed several dancehall music videos for well known artistes, such as Lisa Hyper and Stacious, as well as editing a number of television programmes in Jamaica and overseas, said he decided to create a series about lesbians after being around bi-sexual and gay women who were open about their sexuality.

"I work with a lot of females because I shoot videos and also help with promotions, so that lifestyle has been around me and they are very open. I asked if they would be interested in doing something outside the norm, and they were excited about the project," he said.

However, he said there is a level of acceptance for homosexual women in Jamaica as even female celebrities engage in same-sex relationships.

"A lot of these girls (who) are famous in Jamaica are openly gay," Brown said.

Although the series is about lesbianism, he noted that the actresses cast to play lesbian roles are mostly straight or bisexual women.

Keina, an actress in the series, admitted that as a straight person, playing the role of a lesbian was something different.

"I'm not a lesbian so I had to channel a whole different persona, trying to think how a lesbian behaves in a relationship and knowing the right things to say and it was all challenging and fun," she said.

Brown admitted to THE STAR that he is merely showcasing what is going on in the society.

"It may seem like I'm promoting lesbianism in Jamaica and if people want to view it that way, fine, because they are here and they are sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, and cousins," he said. "It is here. If they (the public) are paying attention they would see it right in front of their faces."



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