Cab Driver Uses 5-inch Nails to `Please` Women

Some people use toys and simulators to help out in the bedroom, but Dave Turgott of Font Hill in St Thomas has all the support he needs for `secks`ual satisfaction in his five-inch fingernails.

The 39-year-old manstated that he first began growing his nails in 1995 after his friend challenged him to see whose could grow longer.

Since then, according to him, his nails have not only become a part of him, but have been a major source of attraction for the ladies.

"I grow them for the sake of romance. Women like when I rub them all over their bodies, whether to scratch their backs or to brush them over their cheeks or nipples. Whenever I put my hands on them, they shiver," he said.

Turgott laughed when he thought of the most extreme request that he has had during a `secks`ual encounter.

"About 12 or so years ago, when they were much longer, a woman asked if I could insert them into her private parts because she wanted to experience how they would feel inside her," he said, blushing uncontrollably as he added that he obliged, causing her to scream with pleasure.

A taxi operator, Turgott's long nails extends from three of his fingers on his left hand.

He insisted that he is able to perform regular duties, including the lifting of heavy packages whenever requested by his passengers.

Though he admitted to have cut them on numerous occasions, he said that he always tries to secure the clipped pieces.

"I can't just throw them away ... I care them too much while they are growing by cleaning them with cotton and alcohol and looking out for them so they don't break, to just throw them away when I cut them. I can't do that, because they have really become a part of me," Turgott said.

The man, who goes by the aliases 'Finger', 'Fingernail' and, on occasions, 'Wolverine', said that women have asked him to cut and sell his long nails to them so they can use them as extensions. However, he is not prepared to part with them.

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