She is Too Freaky For Me; I Can Handle A Pierced Ear But Not `Tongue`

I am a 25-year-old man and I have been trying to find a wife. I saw a girl online and I got to know her. I am a Jamaican, but I haven't been living in Jamaica. I wanted to marry somebody from home.

When I saw this girl and started to talk to her, I became very interested. I asked one of my sisters to check her out and my sister said she is a lovely girl, with good shape but she is a little short.

Her height didn't bother me. She sent me pictures of her private parts. The first time she did that, I was surprised. But I asked for more and she sent me more.

I came to Jamaica and met her and I really fell in love. But I have some concerns. She lives on her own and when I looked in her phone, almost all the pictures in her phone are guys.

Although she assures me that she is not fooling around, I have my concerns.

She has rings on her ears - three on each side - on her navel, and in her tongue. I can deal with the rings on her ears and her navel, but I can't deal with one in her tongue.

I am a Christian and I am trying to get her to go to church, but she is not interested. She says that she loves me. I like this girl, but I think she is too popular with the guys.

I now feel that I will have to go back to my old girlfriend who is not Jamaican, but who is not pierced all over her body.

I would like to hear your comments.



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