Popular Stripper `New York` Takes Flight in Becoming a Commercial Pilot

Stripper and former 'Teacha's Pet' contestant Schinequa Anderson, aka New York, has recently completed her studies at the Broward College and ATA Flight School in Florida.

Anderson currently works as a flight attendant. She and her twin sister, who was also a popular stripper named Brooklyn, had tongues wagging during an episode of the Vybz Kartel reality show, where they performed a nude handstand in the artiste's pool.

Anderson disclosed that she is required to complete an additional 1,500 hours at flight school before she is permitted to fly a commercial airline.

Speaking to THE STAR at the recently concluded Best of The Best show in Miami, she said she financed her education through stripping.

"My degree took four years ... and trust me, I made more than enough money to study, feed my family, and feed myself. My goal was always to be a pilot, however, I am also a flight attendant and I recently graduated with my degree on May 17 as a commercial pilot," she said.

She said her sister has also substituted her G-string for a college degree. Anderson credited naysayers for her success.

Twins stage named (Brooklyn and New York)

"Negative people make me go harder. I know what I had set in my mind so I did what I had to do. I just want girls to know that negative persons will always be there but you are not here for that ... you have a dream and you fulfill it, you can't care for everyone, just care for yourself. I saw stripping an easy way to make money so I did it," she said.

Anderson said her parents are her biggest supporters. She said that they told her whatever she chose to do, they would be behind her a 100 per cent, even when she was stripping.

"I received backlash, but at the end of the day, it's who gives you that genuine support that matters. As an athlete, I was raised to take criticism and it never stopped my progress," she said.

Anderson also noted that she is not opposed to returning to her stripping ways if she sees it fit.

"I can't say my days of stripping are finished because if I need something and I can't come by the money, I am gonna go out there and hustle for it. As of now, stripping is on a pause, but if I find out that I am not where I want to be, I am going to do what it takes to get there," she said.

Anderson and her sister were both featured for nude roles in {modal url"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PAhZxRuq2c"}Tommy Lee Sparta's sexually explicit music video Psycho{/modal}, released in 2012.

Schinequa Anderson in uniform



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