I Can Stand My Brother Being With My Side-Girl But NOT The Neighbor

I have a serious problem that I need help with. I am living with the mother of my kids, but In another relationship with a girl who lives on the same street of which we are located.

One of my brother told me he is also in a relationship with the same girl but said he will leave her to me because he can't handle what she has.


One Sunday night I was sneaking around her house and saw her room lights on, the neighbors were awake so I had to make a detour. I waited until midnight and made another check and her lights were off.

I knocked her door gently but there was no answer. I knocked again where she answered and told me she had already gone to bed. "Tomorrow" she said with a wimpy tone. I was suspicious.

I went around the back and sat down on an old bucket by the clothes line for about an hour until suddenly the door opened and a man, twice my size came out of her room.

To my knowledge, it was one of my neighbor who had been in there with her all along. I was upset and decided to go inside and give her some beating.


Considering she was getting money from my brother and me plus she was with this other man, I felt used. I knocked again and managed to get inside; raising my fist, she begged me not to hit her.

I thought about it and realized that If I had beaten her I would have got into trouble that night. This girl is having sex with all three of us. I felt terrible.

She started to apologize and gave me $30 that the man had given her for her hair. I guess that had somewhat resolve the issue that night also we had sex before I left.

I gave back the $30.


I told my brother everything and warned him not to touch her again because when she had sex with the neighbor she didn't use any protection.

Sadly my brother doesn't believe me. She had told him I was telling a lie on her.

She went ahead and told my girlfriend to keep me at home because I am flirting with her, and yes, my girlfriend believes her.

All I wanted was something extra, which she is very good at. She is a good girl and wouldn't tell my girlfriend i said that.

I can tell you this, I still love her, but I don't know what to do ...



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