Doctors Predicts I Can NOT Get Pregnant; I Am Pregnant For My Side-Man

I have just turned 22 and I think that I am pregnant. I started to have sex when I was just 19. Once I thought I was pregnant but it was nothing but a false alarm.

I had one steady boyfriend throughout my life who has always been faithful and kind to me. We decided to settle down and have a child. Unfortunately the doctor told me that I had a problem so I could NOT get pregnant.

When my boyfriend left for the US to seek better so I started to go to college part-time. I am currently living with a female friend who introduced me to a guy seeing that i was lonely. We started to sleep together.

She told me that she would never let my boyfriend who is in the US know that I am sleeping another this guy.

This guy has his girlfriend. They are going steady with two children. My boyfriend in the US sends me money but sometimes its a bit late so the guy helps me out.

His girlfriend was told that he is sleeping with another woman. She saw my number in his phone and called me but I denied it.

My girlfriend came on the line and told her that nothing like that is happening. But another time he was at the house and we were in bed, and his girlfriend came there and called him out and he had to protect me from her.

The people in the complex came out and I felt so ashamed. That is not the way I grew up. I find myself now not able to do without him.

My boyfriend in the US doesn't know that I am keeping this man with him. If I am really pregnant I don't know what I will do, because this guy and his girlfriend are not going to leave each other.

They have two children together. If I am pregnant, I am not going to abort it because the doctor had told me that I cannot get pregnant, so this would be like a miracle.

My girlfriend told me that I should get rid of it because if I get pregnant once, I can get pregnant again. She doesn't have any children and she and her boyfriend don't use anything at all.

I don't know what to do. I love this man, but I love my boyfriend in the US also. He is coming for the summer.

I know that if I am pregnant I would have to hide from him, I couldn't let him see me. He is always telling me not to give away his 'cookie'.



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