Getting Married: 'Till Death Do Us Part' Couple Living Under Bridge in Portmore

A couple reduced to living under a bridge in Portmore, St Catherine, because of financial hardship, is slated to tie the knot in April.

Karen Scott, 26, and Andre Miles, 28, said in an interview by the Jamaica star that the perils they have endured over the past year don't deter them from wanting to get married.

"Mi love her so it nuh really matter where we live now," Miles said. According to Scott, who is the mother of four children, who live with her relatives in St Ann, she was kicked out of the house she lived in all her life because she was not able to make a financial contribution.

She was left to live under the bridge that runs over the Edgewater Canal along George Lee Boulevard. "Mi do day's work - wash clothes and clean and sometimes things slow," Scott said. "After the people dem run mi out of the house, Satan (the original bridge occupant who was not present when the news team visited) said that I could come and live under here."

Her fiance, Miles, seemed to be so enraptured in love that he decided to stay with his wife-to-be under the rodent infested bridge, rather than in the comfort of his family's home in the neighboring community of Bridgeview.

"I like deh around her, so I am here most of the time," Miles said. Though a date for the wedding has not been finalized, Miles said that he is sure he will be at the altar with Scott at the Portmore Lane Covenant Community Church before April ends.

"We nuh know the date yet, but we a go married at my church sometime next month," said Miles, who washes cars for a living. Miles and Scott live under the bridge with their 'housemates', Stacy Ann Grant and Satan.

They cook, wash and sleep in a space that is less than 10 metres wide and 'answer nature's call' in buckets, before disposing of it in murky canal. Councillor for the Edgewater division, Alric Campbell, said that their lifestyle could pose a health risk to them as well as residents who regularly fish in the canal.

"I visited the bridge and I see the problem. I'm going to have a discussion with the mayor and the public health department has a role to play also in dealing with this problem," Campbell said.



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