Man Granted US Visa After Wiping 'Miracle Water' on Passport: Liquid Changes Lives

Faith has been restored to some Jamaicans through church service activities at The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God where drinking a bottled of 'Miracle Spring Water', resulted in one of its members getting not one, but two visas after using the liquid to wipe his passport before going to the embassy.

The Universal Church, located at 108 Hagley Park Road in St Andrew, had hundreds of Crystal Punch, a Pepsi Cola Jamaica brand of purified bottled water, stacked on the rostrum looming over Pastor Reginald Phillips as he delivered his sermon yesterday.


In an attempt to ignite hope in his congregation, Phillips asked his members to give testimonies of how the 'miracle spring water' has worked wonders in their lives.

"I wiped the passport with the water before I go to the embassy, and I got the US visa," the man testified. "I wipe it again before I got my British visa and I wipe it on my son's passport last Friday, and he got the US visa."


The church member insisted that he has no doubt that the consecrated water is miraculous as he has used it successfully in various areas of his life.

"I had a pain in my shoulder and I go to doctor several times and nothing they recommend worked," the man said. "I sap the shoulder with the water and the pain goes away."

A woman also testified that she no longer suffers from hypertension after drinking the water.


At the beginning of the service, THE STAR observed several persons with disabilities, some visually impaired, being assisted into the church to get a taste of the miracle spring water.

With the assistance of ushers, Phillips handed bottles of the 'miracle spring water' to persons in attendance. "Open the bottle and take a sip," Phillips instructed his congregation.



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