Why Am I Living A Poor-life Condition When My Boyfriend is Stinking Rich

I am a 32 year old woman who has been living with my boyfriend since my 28th birthday. He is a very kind and loving man also financially blessed, but there is one major problem that leaves a hole in the relationship, a choice to choose between being rich or being poor.

My 45 year old boyfriend is some-what gifted with this charm of luck which I my self fail to believe even seeing it happening over and over again.

He strongly believe that if you live and keep your life a certain way, your luck will never go or fade.


Throughout the years my boyfriend had a certain standard that he lives by. These standards are what some would see as being very nasty or worthless of someone who is holding `good money` in his palm and money chest; he doesn't use a bank account.

He will not change or buy new things such as paint for the house which we now own, furniture items, sheets for the bed or even that old worn out mattress that we have been sleeping on for the past five years.


We have more than enough money to fully refurnish the entire house or even buy a new one, but some how his belief is that if we change anything in its current state, the luck will fade and go away.

He was working for this company 5 years ago when he discovered his charm of luck in every thing he bet his money on. He carefully decided that he should quit his job and stick with his luck.


I am afraid to go out with him as he would always wear the same set of cloths. People always talk rude things behind our backs saying we are cheap and very mean to ourselves and we don't give away prayer.

My mom doesn't visit us but when we do go at her house, she was always blinded and greet with a 'handshake of money'

  • SEX

Sex is not what it use to be as my allergies are very sensitive to anything too dusty, dirty or of an unpleasant smell. He is my man so i have to make it happen for him like it or not.


I have to admit, the way how he gambles his money, I would never hold him as an addict because he only gamble when he sees the need and never let a loss get the best of him.

How can I live in this poor-life condition when my boyfriend is filthy rich?



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