Demand Increase For 'Overnight B(o)(o)ty Cream' by Jamaican Females

Many Jamaican women are now flocking a product on the market called Overnight Booty Cream, which its manufacturers claim can enlarge the user's bottom up to four inches.

Lisa Miller, who owns Your Closet One, the Florida-based company which manufactures the product, stated that the demand in Jamaica was so great that she established a store in Kingston last year.

"I have always been getting orders from Jamaica [online], but I don't know what the big deal is now, but it has been very, very popular in Jamaica recently," Miller said.

She added that the volume of orders vary, but she sometimes get up to 100 orders per week for the bottle of cream which costs $6,000. She said the orders keep flowing in because her customers are seeing real results.

"I have over 6,000 customers who have seen permanent results, not only here in Jamaica, but also in America, England, and all over," Miller said.

"There are active ingredients which supply the natural body fat to enhance the fats in your buttocks. For those who use it consistently, they will notice that the volume of the buttocks will stay large," Miller said.

Customers are advised to rub the cream twice daily on their bottoms to see results within three weeks. Williams added that some customers are also smearing the product on their breasts to achieve the same results, but she does not recommend the cream for that purpose.

Miller, who is Jamaican by birth, said the idea for her body enhancing company was born out of the her own struggles with her insecurities, resulting in her doing extensive research on ways to improve her physical appearance without expensive surgery.

The company was launched some five years ago, and is popularly known for its array of waist trainers and instant liposuction gels which claim to reduce belly fat.

"I have thousands of customers that can testify that the product actually works," Miller said.

However, Dr Jan Hochtritt, one of the island's top plastic surgeons, said these creams do not actually work.

"What it actually does is cause an hyperaemia, meaning the skin in the area you apply it to is a little bit inflamed and swollen, which they claim is a size effect."

"I'm flabbergasted that people actually believe this. In the best case scenario, it causes swelling by inflammation, so you could probably use some pepper cream to have the same effect."

Dr Hochtritt also cautioned that such products might be dangerous, since they do not have to go through rigorous testing that medication undergo.

Instead, he said women would be better off saving their money to do a permanent procedure called Brazilian Butt Lift, where fat is taken from parts of the body and inserted into the bottom for some US$6,000




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