15-Year-Old Daughter Pregnant For Jamaican Gang Leader

I am 32. I have a 15-year-old daughter and she was a good girl until we moved into a certain area and she started to move around with the guys there.

I begged her not to associate with them, but she did not listen. I suspected she was having sex with the leader of a gang, so I warned her.

She went and told him everything that I said.

She also denied having sex with him so I not only watched her, but I did something that most mothers would do.

Every evening after she had her shower, I would search for her underwear.

She was really having sex, but now it is in the open because she is pregnant.

She is threatening to run away if I report the guy.

She will be 16 soon, so I do not know if it makes any sense to report him.

I do not want to lose my daughter so I am asking you for your advice. Please do not ignore my letter.

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