'BESTIE' Wants My Baby Daddy to be The Sperm Donor

I have something on my mind I need advice on. My boyfriend is the best thing that ever happened to me and my son.

My boyfriend is 29 years old and we have been together for almost 8 years. I am a very jealous person but allow my boyfriend to be free because I trust him.

I never recall an unhappy moment where we almost broke off. We share one child together (not his) and I have a strong feeling this is what strengthens our bond.

I might soon have to break that bond because I am left to decide if I should give him permission to donate his sperm to his 'BESTIE' so she may become pregnant.

She says she has this unstable chemistry when it comes to men and relationships so she chooses to live alone but needed a child.

He has told me a hundred time that she is a lesbian and doesn't like men but I fail to buy that because before we started talking, both of them were intimately involved.

I don't care about his past but for me living with him sharing a child with someone else, The bond will surely break.

Our relationship is base upon trust where he trusts me around my guy friends likewise I trust him around his bestie.

The agreement between them was that he donate the sperm, she pays him some money, the child gets his last name and they never see each other again but am no fool.

Something doesn't add up.



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