Can't Have Sex in Peace Because of My 4-Year-Old Son

Hey, First time writing to you. I have a matter that is affecting my sex life and would want to know the best solution.

Me and my wife been together for 7 years now and of that seven happy years, we now share a wonderful son.

Our sex life has been amazing right through until I now realize I may have to be careful of what I do and say around my son because he is super intelligent and a fast learner.

It all started when I was called to his school one day by his teacher who pointed me directly to the principal's office.

I didn't know what to expect because knowing my son he wasn't a violent child.

I got a good scolding that day after learning that my son has been 'wineing' behind girls and telling the class everything that happened between me and his mother in the bedroom.

My wife and I managed to get a bigger apartment with split bedrooms.

Things didn't get any better because he doesn't like being alone and no matter how we lock up he always finds a way to crack the door or window when he hears his mother's voice at a high pitch.

We stay away from relatives who always have nothing good to say.

It has been 2 weeks now that am starved from making love to my wife.

I am waiting for him to get older but for now, we only have sex when he is outside playing with his new neighbour.



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