Him Have a Baby For His Cousin And Grind Me With Her in The Same House

So, I’ve been dating this guy for a while now, he lives with his mum, which is a couple of blocks away from me. He doesnt have a phone for himself, so he always texts me using his mum’s phone.

Once I took the phone and went through it, most of the texts weren’t his, they actually had a younger woman’s voice in them, which showed that a lady was also using the phone.

Anyways, he said it’s his cousin, and I also saw a baby on the wallpaper, he said it’s his cousin’s baby. Mi seh alright.

Anyways, mi always a guh ova him yaad, and his mother is always there, but I’ve never met her, cuz she's always in her room, but to me, it wasn't a hide thing, it’s just because the room that he has is at the front of the house.

Once we were in the room and his mum started knocking the door calling his name, he didnt answer. I said he had told her he went up the road because she keeps sending him out.

A lady was also knocking and calling, he said it’s his cousin. Anyways, I still didnt see any red flags.

One day we were on the road, some baby convo came up, and he said he has a baby. A d fastest dat mi eva walk, tell d bwoy it na guh work, blah blah.

Quick quick time him seh a joke him a mek. Multiple times after that mi continuously ask him if him have a baby, cuz sumn just did inna d back a mi mind.

Mi just never trust it, but at the same time mi never wa make assumptions, cuz I’m the type weh live overthink and think bout the worst. Bwoy all carry me guh bar n introduce me to everybody as him wife.

A beg mi fi guh party wid him. Have me pon road wid him like big big couple. Anyways. Lastnight mi deh deh. Mi never did aguh enu. Mi mind just did a tell mi stay in, mi never feel d vibes.

Anyways, him beg me so mi seh alright, ma gi him likkle time. Mi guh n we were there watching movies on my phone and everything den we start fuck.

(Another reason y mi never think a hiding thing, cuz we eva a talk loud and fuck LOUD).

Anyways. D bwoy a ram it enu, and as mi seh, it LOUD.

Anyways, boom n ready fi guh home, pull verandah grill and a guh thru gate Issa girl dat mi c come out and seh “John who dis”. I was so confused.

At that point, mi think a him cousin jus a joke n wa know him girlfriend. Him still a ignore her n a pull gate. Suh mi continue walk. The lady started making up all this noise.

And what I got from her yelling, the “cousin” weh him eva a talk bout ah, in fact, him babymother, and he has a very young baby, and they live at the house.

So all the time when me aguh deh, his baby mama is in another room. Pinky this bwoy tell mi every day how he love me and mi eva a shut him up cuz mi nuh follow up dem sumn deh.

I was so embarrassed. I felt disrespected and I felt disgusted. How can you have your baby mother who literally just had you child, and do sumn like this to her.

Basically right in her face? That’s so disrespectful. And apparently nobody in Spain where we live even knows he has a baby, cuz as mi seh, mi meet everybody.

John, yuh disgusting bad and yuh sick mi blood-claat stomach.




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