''If My Sister Could Give Him 'Bun', I Could Give Him a Piece''

I am 25 and I am sharing a house with my sister, who is 27. She has a boyfriend but he does not live with us. He helps to pay her portion of the rent because she is studying for her master's degree.

I had a boyfriend, but things weren't working out so we broke up about a year ago.

My sister is having a relationship with another man. I know about it because he comes to the house sometimes and both of them are locked up in her room for hours having sex.

One day I asked my sister about him and she said that she loved him. Her boyfriend is a great guy and I found out that he likes me.

He asked me for sex and I refused. He told me that I shouldn't tell my sister that he liked me. I told him he would have to pay me not to tell her.

He asked me how much. I told him he could start at $5,000. He laughed and said he thought that it would be more, but he would give me more if he could get 'a piece'.

I told him I didn't sell sex. But then I said to myself, if my sister could give him 'bun', I could give him a piece.

So, one day I told him that I was staying home so he could come to see me. When he came, I asked him for the money first.

We were together, but I was uneasy. Anyway, we decided to go through with it. We undressed, but I changed my mind. But he talked me into it.

I felt bad about it after he left. He asked me again, so now he is having sex with both of us.

I don't know how to stop because I have started to love him. But when he is here with my sister, I stay out of their way. She doesn't suspect anything.

He told me that he loves me more than my sister. I told him I was going to find my own man.

I never thought that I would be having sex with my sister's boyfriend.

How can I break off with this man? My mind tells me I should, but my heart says otherwise.




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