Addicted to Pregnant Women; I Sleep With Baby Mothers Until Birth

Dear Ladybug, I have a serious weird somewhat fetish addiction that I soon may have to break from.

Ever since I learned that I am not able to get a woman pregnant, I have this fetish love to have sex with pregnant women.

I am the kind of person who would go around sleeping with pregnant single baby mothers and as soon as the child is born I am out of that attachment.

I don't consider myself ever being in a committed relationship with any woman due to my condition and even though I am told 'we' can always adopt, I still can't see my self raising someone else's child. I might sound selfish but that is just who I am.

I have since found myself in a situation that I am finding it hard to pull from.

I have fallen in love with a man's wife.

For some strange reason, I have grown so attached to this pregnancy that brought a child who has visible features that match me.

I'm finding it hard to imagine that I may be apart of that pregnancy.

I am scared to do a DNA test.

At this point, my thoughts are trapped between the future and past as am not even sure again how we started off in the first place.

What to do?



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