Battery Free LED Digital Shower Thermometer

There's nothing I hate worse than jumping into a freezing or scalding shower. This little gem solves that problem for me. This digital shower thermometer is as effective as it is simple.

You get the thermometer housing, a screened seal, and that's all you need. Just an easy 2- minute installation, and this beauty is ready to go. No switches, no buttons, no batteries. Just turn on the shower and it's working.

I like my summertime showers around 92°F. With this, I can adjust my shower to the temp I want, before I get in. It works off a small power generator, inside the housing. Therefore, it will never need batteries.

The LED display comes on instantly, and is easy to see even without my glasses.

This does not qualify as an earth shattering product, but it is sure handy to keep you or the kids from a scalding shower.


The Tecboss LED Digital Shower Thermometer is an inspiring and surprising technology, to give people a real time monitor of the shower temperature. It is self powered, and mainly comprises a hydro power generator, a thermal sensor, and a digital LED display. With this device, you can easily monitor the real time water temperature, and take a more enjoyable shower.

This thermometer with LED digital display is backed with three month money back and six month manufacture warranty.

Buy it today, and be the first one to surprise your families and friends.