Mentally Challenged Man Severed Taxi Driver's Head; Fled When Mob Gives Chase

A man said to be of unsound mind last night had his home set ablaze after being accused of gruesomely killing a well-known elderly taxi operator in a small, informal section of Hague, Trelawny, yesterday evening, shortly after 4 p.m.

The police say Tepton Walters, 70, was mending a fence at home when he was attacked and chopped all over his body by Rayon Tomlinson, the alleged perpetrator.

The police told The Star that during his attack, Tomlinson used a machete to completely sever the head of Walters.

The police said Tomlinson fled the scene with the severed head.

Up to press time yesterday, the police maintained that Tomlinson was still at large.

The desperate howls from Walters alerted residents to the unspeakable tragedy, but it was too late.

"While he (Tomlinson) was committing the act, the neighbours threw stones at him and he ran away in the bushes with the head," said Ralph Medley, an inspector stationed at the Clarks Town Police Station in the parish.

Medley, who was on the scene of the tragedy, said he could not say what had triggered the grisly attack.

"All we know at this point was that Walters' vehicle was parked in his driveway and he was mending the fences when he was attacked. We cannot say what caused it," he further said.

He said the police would continue their investigations to glean more details.

The inspector disclosed that residents were cut-up about what had taken place, noting that Walters had had a positive impact the lives of many in and around the community.

As the irate residents set Tomlinson's residence ablaze, some promised to "do him worse than what he did to the old man".