OLD is GOLD: The Nokia 3310 is Back With Modern Design And Snake

If you have never owned a NOKIA 3310 mobile phone back in 2000 when it was thee most popular mobile phone, then its time to grab hold of a more modernly design and similarly featured model.

Nokia has re-released its classic 3310 model 17 years after it was first launched.

The iconic handset was a massive hit with users back in 2000 and now the mobile phone giant is relaunching it with a month-long battery, 22 hours of talk-time, and even its popular game, snake.

The 3310, with a slick new look that pays homage to its original design, was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. 

While the handset looks similar to its predecessor, Nokia has brought its new model up to date and instead of the original display, a monochrome 84 x 84, it has a colour screen.

However, it has limited internet capabilities, relying on 2.5G connectivity, with users browsing at speeds slower than if they were using 3G. 

It also has a single camera which has just two megapixels.

The phone, which sold 126million handsets until it was phased out in 2005, will be sold by Finish company HMD Global.

The firm believe the revamped 3310 offers users the perfect compromise to modern life.

'It's almost like a digital detox or a holiday phone.

'If you want to switch off to an extent but you still need to have a [mobile] lifeline, it's a brilliant solution.

'Why wouldn't you buy this like candy? If you see this hanging on the shelf at the checkout in a [see-through] package, then you'd just buy it as an accessory.'