Thieves Cleans Out Cult Pastor's Church of Valuables

In the wake of Pastor Kevin O. Smith’s death, thieves have been targeting the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries church in Paradise, St James, much to the chagrin of the members who remain faithful to the organization.

The church has not held any official functions since the police stormed the building on Sunday, October 17, and arrested 41 congregants, including Smith, after two persons were killed in a bizarre blood ritual. A third was shot dead by the police.

According to a hardcore member, who emphasized that she expects him to miraculously return and reclaim the church he founded less than a decade ago, thieves have been looting the building.

“It is like every day we go there, something else is missing,” the woman, who requested that her name not be published, told The Gleaner.

“We can’t tell you all that is missing until a proper audit is done, but I can tell you that they have taken the music system, solar batteries, the video system, foodstuff, a freezer, washing machine, and other electrical appliances.”

The woman warned the thieves that they are treading on dangerous ground and could face serious spiritual consequences.

“These people don’t know who they are dealing with. His Excellency is not an ordinary man. Those who cross him will pay a heavy price for it,” the woman said, referencing one of Smith’s grand titles.

Smith was killed in a motor vehicle crash while he was being transported from Montego Bay to Kingston to be charged with the murder of Taneka Gardner.

The police were called in following the latest break-in on Tuesday night.

It is understood that the property on which the church is located was leased to Smith when he moved the church from downtown Montego Bay into the Paradise community.