Jamaican Women Rushing Virgin Soap Despite Doctor's Warning

Jamaican females have already begun ordering the latest vagina tightening product from a St Lucian company online according to the management of the company making the soap.

Known as the Virginity Soap, the product is designed not only to render the female genitalia feeling tight again, but will also leaves it clean and smelling fresh by taking away bad odors.

"We have a website, www.globaldirectslu.com, that Jamaicans have been ordering and accessing it from," said the management of Global Direct St Lucia, when contacted on Tuesday.

The natural goods supplier also says that the product will become available in St Lucia in coming weeks, and that depending on the demand in Jamaica; export to Jamaica could possibly take place two months after.

Not as yet. Only a few companies in Jamaica have the contract to distribute some of the products that we carry. We haven't finalised anything with anyone as yet," the management said.

In addition to the tightening effect that the soap has on the female genitals, it is 100 per cent natural and contains no harmful chemicals.

It doesn't interfere with the natural flow of the female genitals. It doesn't have any caustic materials," said Global Direct St Lucia.

Meanwhile, gynecologist Dr Mandi Elliot said she was unable to immediately think of any soap that could tighten the vagina.

The vagina is muscular. I can't think of any soap, any chemical ingredient, apart from doing actual surgery that could tighten a muscle," she said, adding that she would have to do further research.



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