Every 'Fan' Want a Kiss Off A Bop; Every 'Fan' Waa Kiss Gully Bop

In a recent interview gully bop stated that most of his fans wanted to kiss him; He has seen other artiste with all 32s and they have never gotten the amount of 'offers' he had in comparison with him having less teeth.

So yes it is true, The fans do like kissing Gully Bop. Question thou...

Is this a paid stunt to get back at his ex-fiancé Shauna Chin or do every fan really and truly love the saliva exchange.... hmmm !

Absolutely nothing is wrong with this move, don't get me misunderstood. Its just curiosity that holds tension with the hashtag #KeepingUpWithTheBops. Bless up yuh self Gully Bop!

Below is a video with the recent kisser fan dancing to a new Gully Bop tune in the studio.

[hdvs videoid=9 width=100% height=460]

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