Gully Bop Had Bitten Shauna Chin; Chin Took All The Furniture Bop Baught

Embattled dancehall artiste gully bop has accused his former fiancee Shauna Chin of taking all the furniture out of the house they shared together.

He has made a report to the Constant Spring police but the lawmen have not been able to act on his complaints because most of the furniture was bought in Chin’s legal name, Laniece Shauna Anderson.

Former gully bop manager Junior ‘Heavy D’ Fraser said that Chin may be legally entitled to the assets.“She may very well be entitled to her earnings, she may very well have bought the furniture with her part of the money Gully Bop earned. He gave her 50 per cent of his earnings, so she may have legally earned that money,” Heavy D said.

The well-known manager said he is not surprised by the media reports about the domestic abuse and frequent physical altercation.

“They fought a lot when I would travel with them, everywhere in the world that I would go with them, they would fight daily. They fought in every country in Europe like it was World War 2. Dem fight a Barbados, dem buss fight all over the Caribbean, dem all fight pon di plane when they were heading to St Lucia for a show…their behaviour is disgraceful,” he said.

He said that he has witnessed several occasions where Gully Bop, whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, had beaten up Chin, but sometimes she would get in a good hit or two.

“Me nah pick up fi Chin cause di two a dem a wicked,” he said.

Another dancehall insider said that the relationship was doomed as soon as the shows had started to dry up and his working permit was no longer valid.

“Gully Bop is a mad man. Him go up ah the house and ah try beat up Shauna and lick out car glass and dem ting de, and she buss him face wid the padlock. Ah him ah de problem, him waan give the girls dem the impression say him rich and have it and him waan floss out him money with gal like him no realise say dem no want him Gullly Bop, dem only want the money, and Chin ah try show him say that dem fi try save and get a house,” the source said.



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