miss kitty
Fans of Magnum King And Queens Blast Miss Kitty And Demands An Apology

"Big, dirty stay bad kitty from u go China go mek dem manufacture u, you a get hype!!!!! But if u only know how u hip them look lopsided u would a calm u self, u just big and nuh hot, face look like when them crush up patty bag, u just hurt me nerves!!!!!!"

"Fava baby hippopotamus gwe from ya wid u plastic self!!!!!! F#$%king vulcher just so up setting, mi mouth a tremble fi tell u some things u see kmt."

Popular Tv Show Magnum King And Queens of dancehall is the talk about on all social media platforms when host Yanique Barrett and Judge Miss kitty went personal with what seem to be a long time beef that wasn't properly cooked. Miss kitty took time out to address a beef she and Yanique had LIVE on the magnum show, Yanique replied saying "My Dressing room was right next door to you; you should have done so there.

"From magnum start from day one kitty always a try out do Yanique in which she can't. nt becuz the girl haven't got awards like she doesn't make her more hyper r educated then her.at the end of the day the two of them grave a still 6 feet down.this also go for other who think because they have more money r education than a other makes better."

And the comments and lashing went on and on... What are your views on this?



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