Fluffy Vs Curvy Address 'Beef' On Show; We Have No Beef Say' Miss Kitty

This weeks episode of Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall saw more than just the contestants battling for the number one spot, but it seems that veteran judge Miss Kitty ‘The Fluffy Diva’ and Host Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett also had an on-going ‘beef’ to settle and decided to do so live on-air.

It was a nail biting moment for both viewers watching at home and the audience at the live show of MKQ&D when Miss Kitty decided to interrupt her deliberation of contestantShemdon’s performance to address Cordell “Scatta” Burrell‘s previous comments by saying ‘”make me address supm.. cause u say supm lastweek weh dem instruct u fi say.. and u must ask before u get involve inna tings” said Kitty.

Kitty then directed her attention to Yanique and made it clear that “me a real woman a road.. and me deal wid things directly” and that “the manufactured feud doesn’t exist”.However, the curvy Diva quickly disputed such claims and stated that the friction existed for weeks and Kitty could have addressed the matter one-on-one in either of the neighboring dressing rooms instead of airing dirty laundry live on television.

The grievance between the two public figure was also intensified after Yaniue’s recent Intense interview where she stated that “She’s Fluffy Diva and I jumped on the whole thing as Curvy Diva. Maybe, honestly I liked what she was doing and the flavour of it and since you came up with the name, I figured that we are all family, we should be good,” Barrett explained.

“Same way she has now slimmed down and persons are calling her curvy and I’m fine with that. I can even say, ‘boy Kitty me love di dress weh yuh have on.’ I’m not going to look at her and say she come inna my lane now and whatever the situation,” she added.

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