Mavado Accused of Being A Deadbeat Father

Gavesha Di Goddess, the mother of one of Mavado's sons, blasted him on social media for not playing an active role in his son's life.

"It kills me that you want to finally call your son because it's Father's Day. What about the rest of the 364 days of the year when he's trying to call you, but gets no answer... .Gavyn is getting big enough to say 'Mom, I'm getting tired of Daddy's broken promises' and 'Mom, why doesn't Daddy want me?' But yet you want him to wish you a Happy Father's Day! WTF! You put up pix on IG like you're the best father in the world," her post reads.

But Mavado did not take too kindly to the accusations and took to Instagram to set the record straight.

"How could a woman who get so much money monthly, like US$1,500-2,000 minimum every month from you enter this world, come chat [email protected]? Up to three days ago, money was sent and I didn't get a call until it's dat time again. Anyway, I'm not the kind of man to talk a lot, but just don't ever try to disrespect me with my kids. Remember, I take you from the ghetto life when I was just coming up ... I'm always a great father to my kids and you know it," Mavado said.

She followed up with an even more scathing post, stating that she had filed documents for child support last year.

"You come around him once every six months for a 20-minute visit and take 100 pix to post and all of a sudden you're the best father in the world ... The last time you saw him was December and God bless the time before that. All the $1,500-2,000 you talking about, [email protected] where?... Don't forget that I have to beg you to send money to your son all the time."

She continued, "why don't you tell the people that I took you to child support last year April because you wasn't paying anything ... Just because we leave all those years ago doesn't mean you leave your son. The system is set up for men like you, men who flosses on jewellery, sneakers and cars, but find it difficult to send your son something."

Artiste Elephant Man, who has several children across the island, was also blasted by his alleged daughter, who tagged him in a FaceBook post.

She posted, "All some man supposed to feel like sht on dis day... Like Elephant Man."

Efforts to contact both Mavado and Elephant Man were unsuccessful. 



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