Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay Now a Father? "me waa me fans dem to keep thinking"

Roots play actor/comedian Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey is neither confirming nor denying reports that he is the father of a bouncing baby girl.

When contacted, the controversial actor/comedian told our news team that his only response to the rumour is, "me deh pan di borderline!" Social network has been abuzz, after Ramsey posted a picture of the baby online on the weekend.

The image, however, started to receive heavy circulation sometime yesterday afternoon, after it was alleged that the Bashment Granny star is the father.

Attempts made to obtain more information from Ramsey about the child failed as he was very tight-lipped on the matter, only stating, "me waa me fans dem to keep thinking; me like intrigue people. I just want them to fill in the blanks."

Ramsey is currently starring in the roots play, Bashment Granny 3: Bashy Dead which can be seen at the Green Gables Theatre.

Shebada fans can also look out for his sitcom Shebada in Charge Part 2, which is scheduled.



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