Mr. Vegas's Baby Mother Getting Busy Infront Her Child With Another Man

Mr. Vegas’ ex and another man have surfaced on the internet. The video released are reportedly from the dancehall deejay’s security camera. In the video that were posted, a child can be seeing in the background.

Mr Vegas and his baby-mother Shelly-Ann McBayne split over an adultery incident that occurred back in 2012, when the entertainer caught her cheating on him in his house in Florida.

Shelly told Ragashanti that the main reason for her dirty actions is she knew that Mr Vegas was cheating on her with a University of the West Indies student named Stacy.

“This is the breaking point; when I found out that him and Stacy, she go a UWI, him a pay Stacy tuition and him and him son mother a fight because him wouldn’ pay di pickney school fee… but him a pay gyal school fee???” – Shelly on Ragashanti show.

“Ah nuh one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten woman Vegas have wid mi. Vegas lick mi down inna New York when mi pregnant Jacobi hospital in New York have di record when mi pregnant you know…over one gyal name Stacy mi an him a argue over… Ah nuh likkle bawl mi bawl! I did not cheat on him and even if mi did cheat pan him he deserve that backside!"

JMG also acquired an appreciation letter that Mr Vegas allegedly wrote for his supposed soon-to-be wife, Stacy.

  • Alleged love letter from Mr Vegas to Stacy

"You are a blessing from God. If it wasn’t for you, maybe that woman would have succeeded on her intention to poison me on that trip to Florida.

I remember telling you that I no longer wanted to be with you and you should go on with your life.

If you didn’t send me that message on Skype asking me ,”are you still gonna do the thing for me”, all that evil would have come to pass!

God put angels around us to keep us from harm. You are an angel from God, you were used by God almighty because be was not ready for me yet.

He knows His reasons . I am waiting and ready when he is ready.

Thank you for letting my kids still have a father, thank you for letting my mother still have a son, thank you for letting my true friends still have a friend."

Thank God for you!



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