Danielle DI Robbed of Approximately $500,000 At Her House

Demands for gold and money threateningly filled the air of a house occupied by family members of dancehall artiste Danielle DI, as armed unknown assailants invaded the premises seeking jewellery and other valuables.

The daring daylight robbery happened on Monday after a delivery vehicle had just visited the premises to drop off a package. It is believed that the three armed thugs were parked close to the premises and concocted a ruse to invade the property, which has a sophisticated security system.

“I have a little young man here with me. The bell rang and someone came and said there was something that wasn’t signed. I told him to go and sign it. As he went and opened the gate, three of them rushed in with their big guns,” the artiste’s mother, who still sounded frightened, stated.

“I was in my bedroom and they came in. When I saw the men, they wanted gold and money. I said I have no gold to give you, I am an Adventist and they ransacked the place. Everybody was tied with electric wire and clothes,” she continued, pointing out that the men remained 15 minutes in her bedroom.

She added that her first cousin, who was in the house on her bed at the time of the home invasion, was robbed of approximately $500,000 in chains, rings, a wrist bracelet and a watch. She was also relieved of her diabetic bracelet which she had been wearing for more than 25 years.

“They asked me for the money. I told them I do not have any. I said take my hand, bag and they opened them out onto the bed,” she explained. Danielle DI’s room had been searched, but only a Movado watch valued at over US$1,200 and a ring were taken.

The woman has remained at a loss as to how the men escaped, as the gate to the premises could only be opened by herself and a caretaker.

The Matilda’s Corner police has confirmed the incident and said investigations are underway.



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