One a Dexta Daps 'Phone' Was Stolen And Him Send A Next Man Fi The 'Phone Thief'

Popular dancehall artiste Louis Grandison, more popularly known as Dexta Daps, was taken into police custody Wednesday afternoon. 

Head of the St Andrew South Police Division, Senior Superintendent Wayne Cameron told the media that Grandison was picked up in the Seaview Gardens community about 3:30 pm.

Cameron said Grandison's arrest is in connection with ongoing investigations into shootings and gang activities in southern St Andrew area.

An inside source leaked information which states the following:

"I’m at home in Seaview when hunts bay police jump out with soldiers who came for Dexta and him servants. Let me clarify everything.

A shooting took place Monday night where a man got few shots. One of Dexta’s phone was stolen and he said that the guy took it and he sent another guy to go and kill him.

When the cops came for him that’s all they were talking about and knowing Dexta him behave bad. Lisa hype and the England Gal get send up inna the truck with about 40 men too.

Will update you on the happenings."

A 14-second video has been circulating on social media with Grandison being escorted in handcuffs by police officers.



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