Dalton's Abusive Past Inspires Music; Hard to Forgive Man Who Punched Him

The rocky relationship between Dalton and his mother Sylvia Campbell appears to be directly related to her decision to live with and work for a man who once punched him through a glass window.

The man, Harry, is now deceased, and is the father of Dalton's youngest brother.

"When my son left my home, I did not left my son guh nowhere. A di man weh lick him, weh me a get me bread from. We actually live up there. We eat together, we pray together, the man give him money fi go a school. Hell no, yuh could a forgive him and let guh things, or talk to me bout it. Yuh never affi carry it guh so far," she said.

Dalton, 24, is the favourite to win the 'X Factor' this weekend. If he wins, Dalton will be awarded a £1-million (approximately J$162,632,400) recording contract with Syco Music, in association with Sony Music.

The Jamaican has been one of the most talked-about persons in the competition. Dalton recently told UK media, "There's a cut above my right eyebrow and cuts around my ears and head, but I grew my hair to hide them ... . I was punched so hard by a guy dating my mum, I crashed through a window," he told the UK Mirror.

Sylvia Campbell looks at a photo with a penned message from her son, Dalton Harris, during his time competing in Digicel Rising Stars

Dalton's mother said that some of the things he said are true, but he misrepresented the facts in some areas. She also said that the ex-boyfriend, Harry, was very abusive.

"Dat man lick me inna me face that me couldn't see fi days. Him did ignorant and him never love my son (Dalton) ... Him treated me pickney dem bad," Sylvia said.

She said Harry was slowed by diabetes, and he lost his sight and one of his legs before he died. She said that she thought Dalton had moved past the punching incident, as he had sent a photo to Harry in 2010, the year he won the Digicel Rising Stars contest. She said that on the back of it, he wrote that he had forgiven Harry and was using his past as an inspiration to go forward.

Dalton told the UK's Daily Mirror that at 15, he was homeless and slept behind a shop and church, in basements and beside the river. His mother disputes this.

"Him never homeless, because him left guh down a Granton guh live. After him left my yard, me mek sure me guh see when him live. Me guh down deh go clean. Him stay a Granton fi a year and then him move come back up a him father (who lived in White Shop) near Sanguinetti."

Campbell said Harris relocated to Kingston after the Rising Stars competition.



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