"Mi Nah Waste Powder Pon Blackbird" Just Adding a Little 'SPICE'

Jamaica — Dancehall entertainer Spice has been creating a buzz on social media with her latest post on Instagram of a photo of herself with a lighter complexion.

The entertainer, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, removed all her posts on the platform recently, and this afternoon used Instagram live to share an interview in which only a part of her light-skinned face was visible.

She made mention of her latest mixtape called 'Captured' in the interview and explained that she does not want to elaborate on her complexion.

However, Spice disclosed that one of the songs on that project is titled 'Black Hypocrisy', which she said will explain everything in detail.

“I think I am mostly called black by my own race, and I am trying to please them so I am going to see what they have to say now,” she explained, adding that she has never received certain comments from other races, because “it's always my own people saying 'she black eeh',” among other distasteful descriptions.

The entertainer said she is using herself as a tool to show what will happen if people continue to discriminate based on skin tone.



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