Lady Saw's Online Social Accounts H/\CKED!

Dancehall artiste Lady Saw, has closed her verified twitter page and is not in control of the posts that are currently being made by her Facebook accounts, which has over 500,000 likes.

According to the Queen of Dancehall, both accounts were hacked by unscrupulous persons and her passwords changed against her will.

The Heels On deejay said while she has been able to close her twitter account, Facebook is more technical, therefore, the unknown culprits are still in control of her page.

She is therefore encouraging her social-network followers to ignore controversial posts coming from the page.

“Facebook is asking me all this bag of information for me to close it down. I have a new twitter account called LADY SAW OFFICIAL and they created another with the same name, but the real one has all capital letters,” she said.

The Grammy Award-winning deejay said she is not bothered by the loss of her pages because they sometimes provide a medium for personal attacks from Internet bullies.

However, she wants her fans to know that the posts being made by the Facebook page does not represent her nor her management team.

“It’s not something I worry about. The Internet used to be a place where artistes interact with their fans, but nowadays, people just make pages to disrespect people and start arguments,” she said.



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