Shauna Upgrades Body With New Look; 'Fix Up Yourself Chyn'

Female dancehall artiste Shauna Chyn is now a new 'Jamaican Luxury Doll'. The entertainer, who recently did body enhancement surgery, is currently flaunting a busty package and a toned mid-section.

"My entire personality has been enhanced and me just have a new boost of confidence. I wanted to do more than just a selfie. Me wah take a full picture and know say me look good. A lot of people ago say me is a plastic but nothing like that. Is just my fat redistributed elsewhere so nowhere on me nah go catch a fire," she said.

It has been seven weeks since the breast lift and liposuction, and although she is still in the healing process, Chyn says she is loving the results.


"My son is almost 11 now and I have been holding on to that 'mommy' figure for so long and now me wah step up my career and feel confident about myself. I use to have that thing about me where I don't feel confident about myself. Me belly and the stretch mark always make me feel away, so me used to take pictures from a particular angle," she said.

"Me guh through a hold heap a life and death situation so me just take this chance and say 'fix up yourself Chyn'," she added.

Chyn is one of few females from the local entertainment industry who admitted to doing body enhancement surgery. Among them is DHQ Sher who can be seen showing off her eye popping assets on this year's Magnum calendar.



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