Ninja Man Relocated After Video Leaked Him Smoking Behind Bars

Rumours are flying that incarcerated dancehall artiste Ninja Man was transferred from the St Catherine Adult Correctional Centre in Spanish Town to the Horizon Adult Remand Centre, Kingston, last week.

According to a prison insider, the decision was made after a video leaked of the entertainer smoking behind bars.

"Him did mad bout the video because him never know it a record and him never tell nobody to record him.

Him did just a chill and a hold a vibes with the prisoner dem. And one a dem video it and send it out like dem a try set him up. All now dem nuh know a who do it, and dem just a try mek him look bad," the source said.

In the video clip, a dapper looking Ninja Man is seen smoking a spliff, while showing off his brand new pair of Clarks to fellow inmates and jokingly telling them he is a modern day bad man.

"A we mek jail look like blood*****t road. Clarks clean like whistle, bottom brand new," he said to the inmates, who cheered him on.

According to the source, Ninja Man isn't bothered by the move as this is reportedly the second time he has been relocated since the start of the year.

In January, the entertainer was relocated in less than a week after getting the cold shoulder from most of the inmates and some prison officials.

"Him all right which part dem move him to cause Gorgon nuh really make things like those bother him, but him really cut up bout the video.

Him just really hope say it nuh affect him appeal in anyway.

The artiste a cuss say him don't even have a phone a prison cause him a try abide by the rules and now dis, " he said.

Ninja Man, given name Desmond Ballentyne and his son, Janiel, are currently serving a life sentence after being found guilty on November 21 for the March 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson on Marl Road in Kingston.



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