Natural 'Needle Eye' Soap Used to Tighten Loose Vag¡nas in Jamaica?

Having a 'needle eye' vagina is considered a must for some women, and some go to extreme lengths to tighten them. One method is a soap called Needle Eye.

One distributor told our news team that women love the product and the store has been seeing great sales.

"We first realized that sales were booming in the MoBay offices and we decided that we should carry this product to Kingston. People have been coming very often for the product because sometimes when we get stock, it is finished before the week ends," the store manager said.

Needle Eye soap is said to not only tighten and tone the vagina, but also helps with menstrual cramps, controlling yeast infection, eliminating odour, and balancing the skin's natural PH.

One of the store attendants said that before they decided to sell, some tests were done and one woman said it yielded the desired results.


The soap, which has been on the market for some years, has generated its own clientele, according to the manager.

One woman said that she has been using the soap for a while and loves the results.

"I had to stop using it down there because my husband was saying it a get too tight and mi a bruise him. I use it for other things too because it has many different properties," the woman said.

Needle Eye is a Jamaican made product and according to one user, the name speaks volumes.

"Now me know what Spice was talking about when she seh Needle Eye Good Good. Mi nuh know if my woman a do anything else, but I have seen her use the soap and it is working," a man told said.


Gynaecologist Dr Kiri-Ann Bridgewater said that there are some products that give the illusion that the vagina has been tightened, however, what is is actually happening is vaginal dehydration.

"There are a lot of soaps that dry out your skin and seem as though they cause that tightening effect. A lot of them are actual harmful to the vagina. It is not good for the vagina and if people stop using the product, the vagina will return to normal. What women can do is do a surgical procedure or Kegel exercises to tighten," she said.

Dr Shane Alexis said that he does not know of this soap and as such he cannot speak specifically to it.

However, he noted that a soap is topical, which means that it does not go beyond the surface of the skin and is not absorbed beyond that.

"Therefore, any claims that suggest it can make changes to your body are spurious at best," he said.



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