Woman Born Without Uterus Gave Birth From Dead Donor's Transplant

LONDON (AP) — Brazilian doctors are reporting the world’s first baby born to a woman with a uterus transplanted from a deceased donor.

Eleven previous births have used a transplanted womb but from a living donor, usually a relative or friend.

Experts said using uteruses from women who have died could make more transplants possible.

Ten previous attempts using deceased donors in the Czech Republic, Turkey, and the U.S. have failed.

The baby girl was delivered last December by a woman born without a uterus because of a rare syndrome.

The woman — a 32-year-old psychologist — was initially apprehensive about the transplant, said Dr Dani Ejzenberg, the transplant team’s lead doctor at the University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine.

“This was the most important thing in her life,” he said.

“Now she comes in to show us the baby and she is so happy.”

The woman became pregnant through in vitro fertilisation seven months after the transplant.

The donor was a 45-year-old woman who had three children and died of a stroke.

The recipient, who was not identified, gave birth by cesarean section.

Doctors also removed the womb, partly so the woman would no longer have to take anti-rejection medicines.

Nearly a year later, mother and baby are both healthy.

Two more transplants are planned as part of the Brazilian study.

Details of the first case were published Tuesday in the medical journal Lancet.



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