Indian philosophers Running Jamaican Obeah Man of 40 Years Out of Business

At least one Jamaican obeah man is taking issue with the recent influx of Indian 'philosophers' on the island.

Some of them are liars. I personally know someone who went to their establishment for protection, spent $100,000 in cash and their wish never came through.

If that person had come to me first, I could grant their wish easily.

According to Ronnie, some obeah men have been losing clients to the Indians.

People are getting to favor the Indians more than the Jamaican obeah men, they are strangers here.

I personally get my gift from God himself, but others use books and scriptures, he said. He added that he has helped all people with various problems over the years, sometimes without getting paid.

Many different types of persons come to my church with various complaints and they all were fixed by me.

at times they do not have any money and i still render my assistance making sure thay do not return home without their problem being solved.

Ronnie warned that people should not believe the Indians are legitimate, just because they advertise on television.

Some of the Indians do not know how to do it and so they lie to people. They are robbing them blind. They are here in the country doing all sort of foolishness.

It is for this reason that Ronnie wants the Government to intervene.

The government of Jamaica must stop them fro entering the country and robbing the people of Jamaica. he said.



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