23 Y-O Single Mom's 'Cyber Hustles' Big Bucks on 'Rude' Websites

Although she is a certified phlebotomist (a person trained to draw blood), a single mother, who goes by the name Scorpio Queen, felt she had to find other means of surviving after sending out numerous job applications without much success.

Her 'light bulb' moment came and she eventually started to do 'cyber hustling' on the adult website PornHub. She said this has been extremely profitable.

"I started to make sexy videos and I post them on my website and then people pay for subscription. However, on my PornHub channel, persons can watch for free, but I still get paid for that because PornHub pays for views," she said.

According to Scorpion Queen, the Internet has enabled people to fulfil their sexual fantasies and to share with people in different parts of the world without having to experience the physical aspects of the relationship.

The 23-year-old emphasised that it is a booming business and close to a year after she made her first video, she easily cashes in US$3,000 per month. One of Scorpio Queen's routines is masturbating on camera.

"A lot of persons turn up their nose because they don't really understand what it is about. It is not porn and I am not selling my body for sex," she explained. "There are no health risks involved once my toys are properly sterilised. I do make videos with my sex partner but my work is limited to the Internet and I never have sex with random persons."

She stated that the quality of her cybersex encounter is usually wild enough to create a mental picture in the minds of her viewers.

As expected, she keeps her lifestyle from the majority of her family and is not supported by the few who know.

"I don't keep friends really so that's not an issue. Not a lot of my family knows but who know, a lot of them won't be supportive. I completely understand that, but I still don't get bashed because people got to do what they got to. Not everyone will be the same," she said.

She also stated that she is not fazed by the naysayers who often troll her social media pages to leave negative comments.

"I don't let those sorts of comments affect me. People are going to talk regardless of what you do whether good or bad. I am quick to block and delete and you will never see this girl cussing out people or debating on social media. I will not endorse that type of negativity because those type of things don't pay my bills," she said.

Although she rakes in the big bucks from cyber hustling, Scorpio Queen says this is only a temporary job as she is adamant on being the best phlebotomist there is.

"This (cyber hustling) just pay the bills now. I do have my dream job ... I have plans," she said.



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