Jamaican Woman Makes Millions From Selling `Used Panties` Online

One Jamaican woman said she has been earning millions from her website, on which she sells her used panties to interested clients, and offers others a number of other services.

Kyla Ramsay, a 20-year-old exotic dancer who goes by the stage name Coco De Thick, said she launched her website, khighlah.com, in January to allow persons to pay a subscription fee to see erotic photos and videos of her. She said a friend gave her the idea to offer her used panties for sale on the website as well.

"My friend said guys like things like these. It's a fetish for them. They want to smell you. I thought this is so weird, but after having it up on the website, I realized that guys really do buy them. They want it to be shipped to them in zip-locked bags so the smell don't come out," Ramsay disclosed to THE STAR in an interview.


The used undies go for a minimum of US$50, and Ramsay said she has been getting clients from various foreign countries such as the United States, Australia, and France. She said she wears the panties for a couple of hours, and sometimes works out in them to ensure they capture her 'essence'.

"They clients say I smell good. I feel good that I'm pleasing somebody somewhere with my underwear," Ramsay said.

Since its launch in January, Ramsay said she has sold about 20 used panties, and the orders keep coming in. But the majority of her earnings come from the other services on her website, such as subscriptions for her premium Snapchat, and costume videos.

"Just last month I made over US$6,000, and overall I think I've made about US$15573.2, ($2 million Jamaican) from my website alone," Ramsay said.


From her website earnings, Ramsay has launched a beauty line called Khighlash Beauty Collection, which includes lashes, lipsticks, lipgloss and brush sets.

Despite her success, Ramsay admits that people constantly bash her. However, she said she is unfazed by the critics.

"I'm making money in my comfort zone. I go to my bed with US$1,000 in my account and wake up with US $1,600. I'm doing very fine. I'm making money just taking pictures. That's smart. It's marketing and promotion for my website to make more money," Ramsay asserted.


Though Ramsay, who is a past student of Happy Grove High in Portland, admitted that she never liked school, she said she has a solid business head, and is planning on expanding her website to include an erotic calendar.


Having established a comfortable life for herself, Ramsay said she would advise others who are interested in this kind of business to give it a shot.

"You have to be bold. Just make up your mind that you want to do it and don't care. You have to be strong mentally and emotionally," she encouraged.



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