Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Being Stolen
8 Useful Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Being Stolen Easily

A thief will always remain a thief, even when caught. Whoever is after your phone doesn’t care what your losses are. You might be covered by a variety of insurance policies, but there are certain measures you can take to ensure your mobile phone is harder to steal.

Thieves are every where, there is someone waiting and watching your every move. The single moment you become unaware of your surroundings, it will be gone.

The following tips may help prevent your phone from being stolen or not.


Every mobile phone has a unique number called the (IMEI), International Mobile Equipment Identity. How to find the IMEI?.

Copy your IMEI down along with the model number, manufacture and retain your receipt of purchase. These details won’t prevent your mobile being stolen but will assist in you possibly getting it back.


Your mobile is equipped with various inbuilt security so why not put it to good use? If your mobile is freely accessible, it is not only your phone that can be stolen.

A thief could have your friend’s mobile numbers, your address details, personal data files, some personal private images and possibly worst, access to social accounts.

With the amount of information on phones these days, you could leave yourself open to fraud, blackmail and identity theft.


How fast can a thief steal a mobile phone? When the opportunity arises they want to slide in and pull out within seconds.

If you put obstacles in between the phone and a phone thief, his duration gets extended. A simple zipped up pocket will be a deterrent for them.

Most ladies has it already ruled out with their handbags full of everything, From bar soap to kitchen sink, the last thing a criminal wants to walk away with is a mobile sized packet of tampons.

Zip your bag just in case!


If you’re a fan of CSI or one of the many FBI films seen on tv, you will know that even when a phone is not receiving GPS signal, it is constantly trying to get the attention of the nearest mobile phone tower. Of course the cops might not GPS locate everybody’s stolen mobile.

You can still use tracking apps or Network provided solutions to locate your phone and inform the police who will then recover it. Please do not try to get the phone back yourself, it could be dangerous; what you think your paying taxes for!


This tip may sound like bulls to your ear but before you take out your mobile to answer or make a call, take note of your surroundings.

See it possible to use Whatsapp, IMO, Facebook or anyone of those frequent social apps in enclosed areas, not crowded, also to be aware of your surroundings. The slightest discomfort you have of being watched tells you its time to relocate or put away. Everyone has that telepathic feeling of being watched


In conjunction with point one, you can also register your phone with an online database which the police use to search for owners of mobile phones.

The website is called It’s free to join and should your mobile be involved in crime or a criminal is arrested and found with it, you may just get it back.

A mobile phone is used everywhere and leaving it in a back pocket is not really all that safe. Why?

The art of distraction is another means to get what is on a person or in their bag. It’s always best to keep it concealed or keep a firm hold of it when using in public places. A thief can quite easily distract you, while an accomplice knocks against you and lifts a phone from a bag, coat or a rear pocket.

Another way a thief may try to steal your phone is simply by hiding it from your view. How many times have you sat down at a restaurant and left your mobile on the surface of the table or at a bar counter while you order a drink.

The quickest way a criminal can get your phone is by taking your eyes out of view for one second and placing a menu or napkin over it.

Out of sight, out of mind, a state of the art way to become blind.


Your mobile phone is the brightest light in a night on a crowded street. A thief can see you using your mobile from up to ten metres away giving them time to think how to single you out as their next victim.

It seems really obvious, but just dim the light on your mobile screen and you vastly reduce the amount of light emitted.


Near Field Communication is now available in most new mobile phones. This  is the ability to pay for items with just a swipe of your phone just like a credit card. You could disable this until your ready to use it.

Criminals do have technology to empty your digital wallets simply by walking past you. Incredible and shocking is't it? I know.

Other communications such as Bluetooth, file sharing and wifi can also be used to get into your phone and make you noticeable. Secure the bluetooth and only use secure wifi connections.

That my friend was a round up of 8 prevention methods to help protect and secure your phone. There are many more of which you can suggest in the comment box below.



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