Learn How to Strikethrough Italic or Bold On Your Whatsapp

Formatting finally comes to WhatsApp Messenger. You can now type your replies in bold, italic or even Strikethrough to your friends. If you have updated to the latest WhatsApp version, your probably already set.

Formatting is pretty easy. To bold you simply use asterisks between your texts for example *This is bold.* Which will result to This is bold. To get italic we use an underscore like so _this is italic_ and results will be this is italic.

What about that strikethrough, well we simply use the tilde like ~this is strikethrough~, resulting to this is strikethrough

That wasn't so hard now was it. You should probably give us a like for that. Anyway here is something fun and flexible, Let's try spicing them up a bit. How about ~_tilde and italic_~ and if you didn't get tilde and italic then you should probably get a new phone for Christmas.

Go ahead and flex your skills _FLEX_ *YOUR* ~SKILLS~


Why Is It Not Working on My Android?

Android users who have updated to the latest WhatsApp version are seeing formatting features in effect. If you are on or below version 2.12.556, sorry, no luck, you won’t be seeing this effect.

Quit being stuck with an outdated whatsapps, upgrade today.



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