Unlock Your Partner's Android Phone Without Knowing The Passcode

Do you own an android phone? Do you have any form of security locks which restricts unauthorized persons from accessing your data? Is your data really safe? How can i protect it?

The following article is based on true happenings and this discovery should not be used to manipulate anyone.

My jealous girlfriend eyes never seem to leave my android phone alone. My pattern lock restricts her from accessing my files, photos, videos and social messages but some how she always manage to get a hold before its automatically locked. She recently became my 'Secretary' as she is the one now answering all my calls. There i was, having no privacy or free flow access to my own phone while there she was, being all secretive with hers.

With modern technology at everyone's finger tip these days you can't blame your partner for having this slight lack of trust. I had to do something about this phone security situation. I had to get back at her with something. I tried numerous searches on google on how to hack an android password but no understandable results. I even tried asking her the password and pattern in her sleep but that turned out to be not such a smart move.

There i was looking at her all up in my phone while her phone was on the table and then it suddenly hit me. I realize just now that her fingerprints were all over the phone and just by looking at that pitch black screen, i could see the pattern her sweaty finger made.

I smiled, i waited, she went to the bathroom, i quickly snatch the phone from the table and easily trailed the pattern her sweaty fingers created.

Unlocked! Without raising any alarm i carefully re-locked the device and placed it back on the table. With all smiles and cheers i ask her the question, "Baby, Do you trust me?" she replied in a soft tone while staring at me, "Yea"; why?

Give me your phone. She quickly reached for it and gave it to me. I stared her in the eye and quickly unlocked the pattern then gave it back to her. After seeing her phone unlocked by someone other than her for the first time, it was all opened mouth for 5 - 10 seconds.

''How you duh that! Andrew Gimmi Mi Phone! Don't search mi phone!''

After confessing to her how i actually did it, from that day on she always wipe her phone screen clean after each use. 

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