Video Leaked: Pastor And 15-Y-O Rude Tape Leaked on Social Media

A 64 year old pastor was charged in connection with the abuse and rape of a 15 year old girl late December of 2016. A video is out and is now a viral on the web allegedly link to the pastor.

The pastor story is stench on social media. He has allegedly molded his way through a family of sisters and got caught with a minor. His voyage quickly came to a end when he was found by cops patrolling the area who discovered him alone with a 15 year old girl, in his car in some compromising position.

The matter is currently before the court.

A video is out with another sister at which the pastor was involved with before being caught. As usual once its recorded, it will be uploaded, not by us but by whoever found it fun to share.

Our News Team had happened to grab a copy on this video which can be watched using an external link.

Before you go ahead and watch your little video, we would like your feedback on the side-by-side photo below. Are both photos the same man?


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