Maypen Movie Star 'Aunty' Talks Rejection And Possible Being Pregnant

Videos which surfaced online has made this woman 'Aunty,' social famous in her own shoes where she's involved in several videos with men engaging in outdoor sexual activities.

Most people highlights aunty as a woman of an unsound mind but am pretty sure after watching this video and observing on how she responds to questions being asked, you may think differently.

This same woman which many classed as being a drug addict is actually a hustler towards survival and her next meal. One can only imagine how a woman survive on the streets with little or none of a proper healthy daily meal.

She says one 'Callaloo Man' is her regular partner with and without protection and in the end he only offer her a single $100 Jamaican dollar. ($0.82 USD)

Watch video below, leaving comments or thoughts ...

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