Man Expected to Be Dead After Consuming Gramoxone in Falmouth

A seen in a video making rounds on social media, a man is currently in the hospital battling for life after he apparently consuming a bottle of poisonous substance used for killing rooted grasses roots or shrubs.

According to sources the as predicted'soon to be dead man' by a doctor had just returned home and discovered his female partner inside their bedroom along with another man, engaging in sexual activities.

The irate man immediately left the premises and went to a Chinese owned farm store outlet and purchased a bottle of the chemical substance known as Gramoxone.

Before even collecting a receipt the irate man open the bottle and doused half the chemical down his throat. Upon witnessing what transpired the cashier rushed out with attempts to stop the man but was unsuccessful.

A video footage was seen where the irate man was seen laying in the middle of the road as persons around tried their best in having him regurgitate the chemical substance.

He was later placed in the back of a motor vehicle and transported to the Falmouth hospital.

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— NewsbugMEDIA