New Dad Unhappy With Baby Looks And Threatens to Abandon it

A new young dad has shared to Facebook a photo of his newborn baby expressing a very negative instead of a positive, happy message most new parents are known to share.

? Scottie Smith's post had hints of disgust. “So My Baby is finally here and this is – Wtf God Give Me !!! Can U Put A New Born In DCFS?” (Department Of Cooperative And Friendly Societies). ?

The insensitive post has gathered over 11K shares, 3.7K comments, and 2.7K reactions withing a few hours – most in shocked and disbelief.
Majority of comments on the post classed him as a dunce head for such an inappropriate comment.
A review of his timeline shows that he is still a young man who just had a child early, one person stated in a comment.
The post was later removed.

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