Video: Drag-Queens Attacked And Robbed Man Uptown New Kingston

A viraling video online with a man being attacked by other men dressed in womanly clothing has caught the lens of one motorist's camera who spot the action and began filming.

According to the mutter coming from the tossle on the video footage, It may seem the man had received services of which he refused to pay and so he was jumped by the gang of three, as previously mentioned outfitted in women clothing.

The incident occurred on the road edges of New Kingston, a popular hot-spot for prostitutes along with their services.

It was not confirmed if the man was actually being robbed or ganged up in relation to any business with the group.

The man was lifted about 5 feet into the air and slammed to the ground shortly after the group retreats.

Our new team happened to obtain a copy of such video.

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